"Cool Again" Album Vinyl (Signed)

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This is a brand new Tim Wolf lp on limited edition vinyl! The Edward Hopper-inspired album cover looks amazing on the cover, with all the room so you can see the details!

This record is all about being cool, so the vinyl color is totally randomized. Seriously, I don't even know what color its gonna be until it shows up. It could be royal purple, a teal, a brown, or close to black. I think that’s really cool, honestly, and that means that this run will be one-of-a kind (like you!)

  • limited run of 100
  • 2 panel insert with lyric sheets and extra photography
  • vinyl color will be a mystery, but it will be colored!
  • back cover includes credits, liner notes, and track list
  • Includes lyrics for each song

Track list (order subject to change)
Side 1
           1. Cool Cat Lounge

           2. Cool Again
           3. Promise
           4. Wild About You

Side 2
           1. Another World
           2. Get Home
           3. Tell The Truth
           4. No Worries

  • 2 panel insert will include names of Wolfpack members who supported this release by purchasing the Super Edition Vinyl
  • Signed and hand numbered with metallic marker on the front cover
  • Personal hand written thank you note. (To Include a specific short message, please leave your message in the note during checkout.)

SHIPMENTS SCHEDULING: As you know, the supply chain for vinyl is stressed because of the huge growth and demand over the past few years. My supplier is quoting a 7 to 11 week delivery time. This Presale campaign will run until mid-November (unless we sell out sooner), so the latest you should receive your vinyl order is by the end of February 2024. As always, I will keep you posted with regular emails.