3-in-1 Guitar Tool String Winder/Cutter Pin Puller

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Save time and effort changing your guitar strings. Our 3-in-1 Guitar Tool String String Winder/Cutter Pin Puller comes with a built-in Clipper & Bridge Pin Puller. It is designed to fit virtually all guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins.
Ergonomically designed with durable hardened steel wire cutters, this is the ultimate All-in-One Restringing Tool.


Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use. It's light & compact and reduces repetitive strain injury. High-quality peg winder with built-in string cutter


Integrated bridge pin puller for acoustic instruments. Fits virtually all guitars, banjos and mandolins. The All-in-One restringing tool – keep one in every case

This amazing 3-in-1 tool makes the once tedious and time-consuming process of changing your strings, quick and painless, so you can spend less time stringing, and more time playing.

Package Includes:
1 3-in-1 Guitar Tool