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"Cool Again" is my 3rd CD project that my producer and I am putting our finishing touches now.
Get this new album which is chock full of 9 newly recorded songs I wrote. This album is a slight departure from my previous two albums, as it is a little more jazzy with piano and saxophone prominently featured on most of the tracks. Never fear, this album also has some bluesy guitar driven tracks as well. 
Some of the songs even feature me on saxophone! (I will sign your CD as well!)

The preliminary song order (subject to change) is:
1. Cool Cat Lounge (jazzy instrumental)
2. Cool Again
3. I Can't Help Myself (funky version)
4. Promise
5. Wild About You
6. Take Me To Another World
7. Gotta Get Home
8. Tell The Truth
9. No Worries
We expect shipment dates will be before Thanksgiving 2023. I'll keep you updated on the progress of finalizing this album. As always, if you are not satisfied at anytime I will refund your money, no questions asked.